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Daveigh Chase

I am a bit annoyed

Well, we didn't get to go to the art place yet, and we haven't been out to draw yet. Got up too late for the art museum on the day we were going to go. Well, not actually too late for the art museum, mind you; we could have gone, but we wouldn't have been there very long. We have been getting up a bit too late for a number of things, and I find myself a bit annoyed.

But that isn't really anybody's fault. It's the silly body, and various sorts of things that just conspire to poop on my parade.

And now, we've got this new project, of writing, though that will have to be thought about more. So that gives us some time to do things like think or perhaps draw while we think, or maybe think at like maybe an art museum? Hint hint hint hint...

I really hope we wake up at noon tomorrow. I really want to go to the art museum or go drawing somewhere, especially before Brooke starts to draft us to help move stuff.

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