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Summer by Never_ender

Boy am I ever pooped!

Just got through coloring a picture I had half-colored for months, that I drew a LOOOONG time ago. It has fairies and animals and running flowers and food (like hot dogs and ice cream) growing on bushes, and a dress growing from a tree. And a castle in the sky. And dolphins!!! I took a photo of it and I'm too pooped to load it now.

When I finished coloring that, I drew and colored a holiday card. It has a picture of ME on the front, and a green cat, and rudolph the reindeer. And a snazzy snowman!

The inside has a family portrait drawing of all the people in this body together. I'm making a silly face on the inside picture of me, and I'm wearing awesome socks! Then the back had a picture of a butterfly. I'll scan it tomorrow at Brooky-poodle's housey-kins. ;-)

I iz a tired bebe now. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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