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Summer by Never_ender


OMG I'M ALMOST OUTTA STICKERS! I needs stickerses cuz I puts them on ma calendar when I takes my anti-depressant I does I does. Works, too! I was always forgetting before, and now I almost never forget! On it so far, I gots several months of fairy stickers, butterfly and dragonfly stickers, flower stickers, and some Halloween stickers I got from an American Girl magazine. And a bunch my cissy gave me. And some old Hello Kitty stickers. Okay, I guess I don't need any right away but I like the bigger stickers better, and most of what's left is small, like tiny, like sneeze and whoops where'd it go?

I wish I could find a whole bazillion of my favorite Disney sticker of the Black fairy, I love her sooooo much!


Guess I could go to the Dollar Store.

~ ~ ~

Sorry I don't post here often anymore. I'm mostly on my Tumblr. And I gots things set up so the Tumblr makes Tweets, but those only go to LiveJournal, not Dreamwidth.

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